Vantix offers the most comprehensive set of customizable supply chain solutions in the industry including:

  • Transportation Management¬†– Vantix can manage all of your truckload and less-than-truckload shipment needs for long-haul and regional movements. We provide outstanding performance at competitive rates. Our high shipping volume affords us unparalleled leverage in ensuring your products are delivered in the most efficient routing possible. If needed, we can even integrate and optimize private fleet utilization to ensure your products arrive when and where you need them.
  • Multi-Temperature Product Handling – Whether you are shipping refrigerated product, dry goods or bulk floor-loaded items, we have the extensive experience with multi-temperature product handling and will do everything possible to deliver your products in perfect condition.
  • Freight Payment/Auditing/Claim Resolution¬†– We offer centralized handling of all your accounting and product claim needs. Through our audit and payment programs, we can ensure that your freight bills are paid correctly and on time. We can also work with you and our network of carriers to stabilize payment cycles, improve payments and claims and provide customized reporting to meet your specific needs.
  • Supply Chain Design and Optimization¬†– Our highly experienced logistics team is ready to help design and optimize your supply chain to meet your specific needs. Some services we offer include:
    • Site selection optimization
    • System benchmarking
    • Process engineering